Poker Tournament Types You Ought to Know

Interest in poker tournaments has steadily increased in recent years. In fact, a big percentage of new players are drawn to the game after watching popular tournaments on television. Undoubtedly, staking a small amount of cash for a potential chance of winning way bigger sums is very tempting. Obviously, the higher the stakes, the more money you stand to win. But you don’t really have to go for the high stakes tournaments as there are dozens of smaller tournaments you can join. And now with satellite tournaments played online, as opposed to live dealer poker, you don’t have to leave your home. The following is a list of some of the most popular online tournaments you can explore.

Sit and Go Tournament – This is a purely online born tournament and still huge there. It entails one or two tables, and the tournament starts once all seats are filled. The three top players receive the payouts as per number of tables.

Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) – When it comes to online poker tournaments, MTTs are the standard. To get a stack of chips, you simply pay a buy-in fee and once your chips are gone, you’re eliminates from the tournament (except for re-buy tournaments where you can buy another stack within a defined time). There’s a specified starting time with various tables each with a set number of players.

Turbo Tournaments – Turbo tournaments simply crank things a notch higher. These are essentially MTTs or Sit and Gos but the blind levels multiply faster.

Shootout Tournaments – Shootouts are a blend of MTTs and Sit and Gos with a big set of players taking part. Each player can only play at one table at a time until each table is left with only one player. Every winner on a table then moves to the next round until one player is left – the winner.

Bounty Tournaments – These are MMTTs as well but players earn a prize when they knock out another player. There could also be bounties placed on some ‘star’ players in this tournament. Other common online tournaments include Satellite and Weekly guaranteed tournaments. It’s up to you to choose the tournament where you feel that you have the best chance.

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