Best HORSE Poker Sites in 2016

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Best HORSE Poker Sites

HORSE poker is a fun poker game to play once in awhile to mix poker games up. HORSE poker is actually a difficult poker game to become successful at because you need to be a skilled poker player in five different poker games. Whether you want to have some fun playing mixed poker games or you want to destroy the competition, we have the best HORSE poker sites in 2016 listed below.

Best HORSE Poker Sites in 2016

PokerStars is still the best HORSE poker site in 2016 and it has been this way for years now. The action on the HORSE poker tables is very inconsistent, but finding a micro limit cash game is usually possible at any hour. PokerStars also hosts HORSE poker tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools every week.

Party Poker offers HORSE poker ring table games and tournaments. You won’t find many HORSE poker tournaments, but Party Poker does host HORSE poker ring table games 24/7. Don’t expect to find too many high staked HORSE poker tables running at Party Poker, as the HORSE poker action is almost exclusively on micro/low staked tables.

888 Poker is another poker room that spreads HORSE poker, but don’t expect to find too much action. Texas Holdem is still the most popular poker game played at 888 Poker although joining HORSE poker games is possible. 888 Poker is growing every single day and as 888 Poker grows the number of HORSE poker players on the network will grow.

Best US HORSE Poker Sites 2016

Since Black Friday finding a HORSE poker game online in the United States has become difficult. The only poker network that is worth looking at in the USA with HORSE poker is the Merge Gaming Network. Carbon Poker is the #1 poker skin on the network and if you’re going to join Merge for the HORSE poker games we recommend sticking with Carbon Poker right now.

There isn’t too much HORSE poker traffic on the network, but during peak hours in the USA and on weekends it isn’t that hard to find micro/low staked HORSE poker ring table games. Until regulation is passed in the United States there aren’t going to be that many poker sites allowing US players and that means that finding a HORSE poker game is going to be harder than in years past.

Play Real Money HORSE Poker Online

Pick one of the best HORSE poker sites in 2016 above and you can start playing HORSE poker today. With the state of the industry in the USA we recommend keeping deposits small if you’re American. You’ll only be able to find micro/low staked HORSE poker on the Merge Gaming Network anyways, so there is no point risking a big deposit right now.

International poker players can play HORSE poker at the highest trafficked poker rooms in the industry. PokerStars and Party Poker are your two best HORSE poker options due to the high number of poker players on both networks. Your funds are safe at both of these poker sites and there are bigger HORSE poker games running, so you may want to deposit enough to earn the full bonus.

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