Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.


How much does shipping cost?

Our Shipping varies by weight. We get our quotes directly from UPS or USPS and charge you accordingly. So your shipping cost will take into account the item weight as well as distance from us in Indianapolis, IN to arrive at an overall cost.


How can you afford to have your prices so low?

We are a direct importer. We buy our merchandise direct from the source. We stock millions of poker chips in our own warehouse to ensure that our cost is low. We pass on the savings to you. To prove our commitment to low prices, we offer a low price guarantee.


How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on where you are located. Typically we will ship your product within 24 hours. Shipping times typically range from 2-5 business days. Therefore, including handling time, your package should take from 3-6 business days to arrive.


Are Your Poker Chips Clay?

“Clay Poker Chips” is the most overused expression in this industry. In fact, 100% clay poker chips are not available in the market today. A 100% clay poker chip is very brittle and likely to break. Clay poker chips wear very fast. Clay poker chips were phased out of the market in the 1970’s, and are no longer produced.


We stock 3 different types of poker chips.

  1. Clay Poker Chips – Our highest grade chips are what we consider clay, but there are many different materials in the poker chip besides clay. Our clay poker chips have a very soft feel and has great grip. The poker chips stack with ease and are what we consider to be casino quality.
  2. Clay Composite Poker Chips – A clay composite poker chip has some clay in the poker chip, but is less concentrated than our clay poker chips described above. Our clay composite poker chip is also very soft and has a great feel.
  3. Plastic Poker Chips – Our plastic poker chips are harder than the clay versions. They are also slicker and slide a little more when stacked. However, plastic’s durability is longer than both clay and clay composite poker chips. Also, the plastic chips are made with an injection mold, so all of the markings are very uniform and precise on the chips.


What do you mean when you advertise that you can custom build chip sets?

Custom building your poker chip set simply means that you can pick which chips you want within the set. If you are in a cash (ring) game player, you probably want mostly lower denominations and rarely use poker chips larger than $100. If you are a tournament player poker player, you probably wants chips as large of 25,000. Some people play both cash and tournamnet poker and want a mixture of poker chips in their poker chip sets. As an added service to our customers, we will custom build your poker chip set based on whatever preferences you may have for your own poker game.

Can I return the product if I do not like it?

You can return any purchase. However, there is a 20% restocking fee. Please contact us via phone (888-765-3740) or email to arrange for your return.


How do I contact you?

There are 2 methods for contacting us. First, you may email us at [email protected] You can also call us at 888-765-3740.


Are you Accepting Wholesale customers currently?

Yes we are.


What forms of Payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex), Paypal and Google Checkout.


How do you place an order?

If you are a consumer and wish to enjoy any of our products, you can view our product pages, add items to your shopping cart, and pay for them using your major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), Paypal or Google Checkout.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do and a shipping quote will be provided to you once you add items to your shopping cart.


When will you ship my order?

We guarantee to ship your order the same day that you place it as long as it is before 3PM EST. This is another great benefit of using If your order originated after 3PM EST, then your order will ship the next business day.

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